Envelops The Bath Tub

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FZ, introducing the piece, September 17, 1975 (thanks to Charles Ulrich for the transcription):

The next thing we're gonna do is an excerpt from an old album, a defunct album. This record isn't even available any more, poor thing. This is a part of Lumpy Gravy. But it's one of the parts of Lumpy Gravy that nobody likes. The original title of this thing was "Sink Trap", which is that thing that goes in the sink to keep the hair out . . . The concert-master on that date was a gentleman named Sid Sharp. And he played the violin solo that was on this piece . . . so we changed the name of the piece to "The Sid Sharp Special" henceforth. But tonight it's going to be "The John Wittenberg Special", and he's gonna honk out the violin part of it.

Released parts of the September 18, 1975 performance:
Sink Trap (Gypsy Airs) (September 18, 1975) Released Parts Approximate correspondence with the original Lumpy Gravy version
0:00-0:42 Lumpy Gravy (Quaudiophiliac) 0:01-0:44 Lumpy Gravy Part 2 (Envelops The Bath Tub) 12:06-12:41
1:58-2:09 Easy Meat (Tinsel Town Rebellion) 2:58-3:10  
6:41-8:43 Hermitage (One Shot Deal) 0:00-2:00  


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