c. November 27, 1968—St. Vitus Dance Concert Promo, KPPC?

Original transcription by Román with corrections from Bill Lantz

FZ: Cal. Tech, Scott Brown Hall, 1202 East California, Pasadena. It's a St. Vitus dance concert, Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday, November 27, 8:30 P.M. to 12:30 P.M. Four hours! With T.I.M.E.—featuring the Ooo-Ooo Man—, St. Elmo's Fire Northwestern Light Company, The Drift— Oh, St. Elmo's doing the lights. Who laid this thing out? Ridiculous! And it's $1.75, the parking is free, and you follow the searchlight! What is this?

Les Carter?: 'kay, you got about ten seconds to go yet.

FZ: Just keep following the searchlight. Oh, I could read it again real fast.

Les Carter?: Okay, read it again real fast.

FZ: Cal. Tech, Scott Brown Hall, 1202 East California, Pasadena. St. Vitus dance concert, Thanksgiving Eve, Wednesday, November 27, 8:30 P.M. to 12:30 P.M. Four hours! With T.I.M.E., The Drift, St. Elmo's Fire Northwestern Light Company doing the lights. $1.75. Free parking. Follow the searchlight.

April 23, 1975—Syracuse University, Syracuse, NY

Original transcription by Charles Ulrich

Some of you might have seen a performance at the Felt Forum in 1972, when I was in there with a twenty-piece group and we played a piece called "The Adventures Of Greggery Peccary." Played a couple of movements from that. And I finally have recorded that, like last December. I went in and got a twenty-piece group together and laid that down, did the complete version of it. And it's possible that that may be released in November.

July 27, 1975—2JJ AM Radio, Sydney, Australia

Original transcription by Charles Ulrich

The new group that I'm putting together is three guitars, bass, and drums. A different kind of event than I've done before.

September, 1984—FZ, interviewed by Andy Batten-Foster, BBC Radio 1, UK

Original transcription by Román

FZ: There is a song that was co-written by my son Ahmet, who is ten—but he was seven when he came up with this idea—. It's called "Frogs With Dirty Little Lips." Ahmet was walking 'round the house when he was seven years old singing a song, but every day the tune would be different, but the one thing that stayed was the line about the frogs with dirty little lips. He had a collection of frogs in our backyard.

And I just thought it was a fabulous image so I assisted him and put a song together based on that concept and we recorded it.

Now one of the interesting musical jokes that is in there, for those of you who like the obscure, when they go, "La la, la la," what you're hearing is a perverted version of a Landini cadence.


Andy Batten-Foster: Could we talk about another track on the album now, this is an unusual record. This is "Ya Hozna."

FZ: "Ya Hozña."

Andy Batten-Foster: Oh, I do beg your pardon. I was sure I'd get that wrong.

FZ: It has a tilde over the "n." [...]

Well, you have to understand why this exists. I know that there are many people in this part of the world who believe Americans are sick and/or crazy. Or worst. And to a large degree this is true. And right now in the United States you have a resurgence of interest in fundamentalist religion. Especially under Ronald Reagan.

This has gotten to such an absurd extreme that there has been a bill put forward in Congress to make it illegal for anyone to put any material on an album backwards.

You know why? Because there is a guy on television in Los Angeles who comes out for half an hour every Sunday, his name is pastor Gary and he has a show, and here's what the show looks like: There is a little pulpit in the middle of the stage. The floor of the stage is swirling with dry ice smoke. Behind him are large photo blurbs of heavy metal albums.

This guy, dressed in light blue blazer and, you know, custom molded hairdo and everything, holding the Bible, comes on there and plays parts of rock 'n' roll records backwards and explains to this audience that it has messages about the Devil. Okay? And if you send him ten dollars for a cassette and a booklet, he'll explain it to you further.

Now, the name of this album is Them Or Us, and in America, as far as I'm concerned, it means US, the Pagans, versus THEM, those hideous Christians.

And if they want to have a law in Congress that says you can't put anything backwards on a record, well, and how about a record that's got it all backwards?


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