The Old Masters Boxes

May, 1983—The Original Project

FZ, interviewed by Tom Mulhern, Guitar Player, February, 1983

Do you ever listen to your older material to pull things out for use as a catalyst for new pieces?

Well, I'll be listening to those things a whole lot because we plan to re-release the entire catalog of my albums next May. We're remixing everything. As a matter of fact, the board is set up to remix the The Mothers, Fillmore East-June 1971, and what we've been able to do to that album is science fiction. You can't even believe it/ It doesn't even resemble the original.

Will the albums hold basically the same material?

I'm going to add to it. The whole idea of this package is . . . I don't know whether we'll be able to pull it off in time, because there's an awful lot of work to be done to meet the deadline, but I'm hoping by Mother's Day to have five boxes with seven albums in each of them, covering the entire catalog. And we'll divide them up so that the first box is like all the early Mother's stuff plus one extra disc of material from the era that's never been released before. And the same goes for the rest of the boxes: Each will have one disc of things that were done during that time that never got released.

So they're not just the same records in a new package.

All the stuff is either going to be remastered, as is the case with the things that already have a good mix, or completely re-mixed. This includes 4-track, early 8-track, or early 16-track—or anything done when science wasn't there to make it sound right.



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