Songs Mentioning FZ & The Mothers

This is an obviously incomplete list. Román

Eric Burdon & The Animals—Winds Of Change (September, 1967)

"Winds Of Change" (Eric Burdon/Vic Briggs/John Weider/Barry Jenkins/Danny McCulloch)

Then came the Beatles, Rolling Stones
Whole new thing was going on.
Frank Zappa zapped
Mamas and Papas knew where it was at
They all listened to Ravi Shankar .
Now that we got Jimi Hendrix
We know where we are (and Louis Jordan smiled )
And the winds of change go on blowing, blowing,
Gathering more and more leaves in its path,
As time goes past


John MayallBlues From Laurel Canyon (November, 1968)

"2401" (John Mayall)

There's a hero living at 2401 and all around
A family circus in the sun
Got his Mothers working
While you're having fun

Trying to change the system
Many things that must be done
Where did Moon go?
Better call at GTO

In the red room
Pam is planning where to go
Gail and Pauline
Who is prowling round your door?

A maniac, The Raven
Could he have his gun back?
No! 2401, got myself a place to stay
On the railroad, Kansas nearer every day

Miss Christine cooking
Looking very gay
How do you say a Thank You?
How do you ever tear yourself away?


Supersister—Letter From Nancy (1970)

"Corporation Combo Boys" (Robert Jan Stips)

Sometimes we even are progressive
And we listen with attention
To the Mothers Of Invention


Deep Purple—Machine Head (March, 1972)

"Smoke On The Water" (Ritchie Blackmore/Ian Gillan/Roger Glover/Jon Lord/Ian Paice)

We all came out to Montreux
On the Lake Geneva shoreline
To make records with a mobile
We didn't have much time
Frank Zappa and the Mothers
Were at the best place around
But some stupid with a flare gun
Burned the place to the ground


Funkadelic—Standing On The Verge Of Getting It On (April, 1974)

"Alice In My Fantasies" (Hazel Grace Cook/George Clinton)

Alice in my fantasies, uh, promised to do
All kind of freaky things to me, said
She would, uh, suck my soul, if I'd lick her emotion
The freak said, I would even owe her my devotion
I said, "Uh, lady, be my dog
And I'll be your tree, and you can pee on me"
Mama said, never eat yellow snow
So away we go


Chicago—Chicago X (June, 1976)

"Scrapbook" (Robert Lamm)

We played the pier on Venice beach
The crowd called out for more
Zappa and the Mothers next
We finished with a roar


Godley & Creme—L (August, 1978)

"Art School Canteen" (Kevin Godley/Lol Creme)

Does getting into Zappa
Mean getting out of Zen
Sex has reared its ugly head at last
But it didn't look ugly then
Begin the Beguine
Art school canteen


Wild Man Fischer—Pronounced Normal (March, 1981)

"Frank" (Wild Man Fischer)

Franks got money in the bank
Franks got women he can spank
Franks has lots of neat guitars
People buy him drinks at bars
Franks got friends around the globe
Frank has initials on his robe
I think about him all the time
You can say he's on my mind
Franks got money in the bank
Frank owns my publishing rights
Frank doesn't let me sleep at night
Frank has a record in the Top 10
Frank used to be a good friend
I think about him all the time
You can say he's on my mind
Franks got money in the bank
Frank has kids in and a wife
Frank has a very interesting life
I think about him all the time
You can say he's on my mind
Franks got money in the bank


George Harrison—Somewhere In England (June, 1981)

"Blood From A Clone" (George Harrison)

They say they like it, but, now in the market it
May not go well as it's too laid back.
You need some oomph-papa, nothing like Frank Zappa
And not New Wave they don't play that crap


Ramones—Mondo Bizarro (September, 1992)

"Censorshit" (Joey Ramone)

Ah, Tipper come on, ain't you been getting it on?
Ask Ozzie, Zappa or me
We'll show you what it's like to be free


Wild Man Fischer—The Fischer King (November, 1999)

"I'm Sorry, Frank Zappa" (Wild Man Fischer)

I'm sorry so sorry
please accept my apologies
I'm sorry, Frank Zappa
if I threw a bottle at your wife
I'm sorry, so sorry
please accept my apologies
I'm sorry if it almost hit Moon Unit
but she was just a baby


The Stooges—The Weirdness (March, 2007)

"Mexican Guy" (Iggy Pop/Ron Asheton/Scott Asheton)

I've been sitting on the corner of Hollywood and Vine
Where I saw Scarface in '75
I saw Chuck Berry at Gone With The Wind
He had a little whitey snuggling up to him
The street was kind of dirty but the street had soul
Saw Bobby Boy drinking to the Monster Mash show
I saw Frank Zappa eat a lonely hot dog
Heard Wild Thing played by The Troggs


The Red Hot Chili Peppers—I'm With You (August, 2011)

"Happiness Loves Company" (Anthony Kiedis/Flea/Chad Smith/Josh Klinghoffer)

Make time for love and your happiness
The mothers of invention are the best
We all know and struggle with some loneliness
A tender mess for everyone, I guess



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